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I'm Jackie Pettit, owner of Pallet Jack Consulting and I'm a supply chain nerd. 

I've spent 14 years working in and out of warehouses, selling freight and small package, acting as a internal fulfillment project manager and eventually, running logistics for other small businesses. Lucky for me, I love problem solving and logistics loves to create problems. After spending so much time learning the ins and outs of supply chain processes, I'm ready to put my expertise to work for you.


Honestly, I am really passionate about supply chains. I love spending time in warehouses and diving into processes. Learning how your business sources their product to getting it in your customers hands is what I dream about at night. From my perspective, supply chain is often seen as a necessary money pit when in reality every dollar spent in your supply chain should have a direct benefit for your business. My goal is to help my clients see the returns from making a few small changes to their processing or choosing a new vendor that fits better for your inventory turns. Regardless of your businesses current challenges, I’m here to help.

 Previously Completed Projects:




  • RFPs completed for fulfillment services, freight brokers, small package pricing and returns processing.

  • Full warehouse moves and technology integration.

  • Contract negotiation for freight and small package carriers, fulfillment providers, and returns processing. 

  • Packaging redesign to improve cubing, sustainability and quality of delivery.

  • Full supply chain overhaul starting from raw material sourcing to products on the shelves for sale.

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