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Supply Chain and eCommerce Consulting

Get to Know Pallet Jack

Pallet Jack Consulting is here to help your business grow. We provide an experienced eye for the everyday challenges of getting your product in and out the door quickly and everything in between. Your supply chain impacts every part of your business and we're here to make sure you're making the best of it. Please see our services for further detail or check out the blog for improvements you could make right now.

Supply Chain Review

Starting from scratch or need to revamp current processes?

Shipping Improvements

Need to cut time in transit or renegotiate pricing?

Project Management

Need help moving to a new facility or changing vendors? Start here. 

Freight Management

If you're facing freight headaches our extensive network of brokers are here to help.

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Cloe Parker, Ecom Business Owner

"Shipping frozen products has so many variables and challenges, but with Jackie's knowledge and understanding of shipping I was able to save money and better understand the ins and outs of the shipping world!"

Ben Daugherty, Supply Chain Professional

"Jackie's professionalism and business insight into the industry helped maker her a great partner to work with."
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